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Measurement in all its forms! : an exceptional event presented by EVOLIS

At the heart of the production process, industrial measurement is the key to ensuring and guaranteeing perfect conformity. Evolis has brought together 10 major players in the field of industrial measurement and control for an interactive event that will culminate in a "Hole-in-one" challenge.

Visitors looking for solutions to improve their production and its quality will be able to learn about the different ways of technically qualifying an object, in this case a golf ball, and discover a complete panorama of the solutions provided for industrial measurement and control.

At the start of the tour, a Visionic robotic cell will dispense a golf ball, after checking the quality of the logo using a machine vision cell. Visitors will then go through the 9 other stages, characterising the different parameters of the ball at each stop using state-of-the-art equipment. They will measure the bale's circularity using Ametek's Talyrond 585 machine, then its diameter using Marposs Aeroel's laser micrometer. He will analyse the bale's surface finish using the Mahr roughness tester, explore its characteristics using Mitutoyo hand-held instruments and then check its conformity using the Renishaw 'Equator' comparator. It will generate the digital twin with the Zeiss ATOS Q 3D Scanner and then visually analyse the layers of the bullet cut in half using Vision Engineering's video observation station. Using the Werth X-ray tomograph, it will obtain a complete and accurate 3D measurement (inside & outside). Finally, it will scan a golf club with the Absolute Arm from Hexagon MI, equipped with four 3D scanning options. This discovery will conclude with a test of golfing ability on a putting green.

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