ZONES15 large sectors simultaneously grouping together equipment, know-how, raw materials and machinery

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In order to clarify its comprehensive offer and make the exhibition more easily understandable both for exhibitors and for visitors, allowing them to save time and gain in effectiveness, Global Industrie is reorganizing. This reorganization is materialized by the creation of 15 large sectors (“zones”) simultaneously grouping together equipment, know-how, raw materials and machinery. 

This top-to-bottom vision thus reflects as closely as possible the rich, comprehensive and plural nature of industry while at the same time respecting the four big exhibitions making up the event, to which professionals are attached and which retain their identities.

This short presentation will allow you to choose the sector in which your expertise is applied. Do not hesitate to contact him or her for further information!



  • Assembly, mounting, fastening
  • Electronics
  • Additive manufacturing & 3D printing
  • Finishing & material treatment
  • Forge & foundry
  • Materials
  • Measurement, control, vision
  • Plastics, rubber, composites
  • Regions & countries
  • Robotics
  • Services and factory equipment
  • Smart tech
  • Green tech
  • Sheet metal working, metal shaping, welding
  • Machining & material removal

Assembly, mounting, fastening

This sector will group together the offer in terms of equipment, in terms of peripherals and accessories and in terms of know-how and manufacturing.

Changes in this sector will be reflected by the presentation of a standard offer which changes with the industry of the future. To take the example of special fasteners, professionals are increasingly adding to their first role as manufacturers a second role as innovative systems developers incorporating the latest production and installation techniques while at the same time diversifying the materials.


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Electronic components, equipment, peripherals and accessories, know-how and manufacturing: all the main fields of electronics will be represented.

Now present in all industries and in all products, electronics is at the heart of the digital transformation of companies and their progress towards the industry of the future, providing them with intelligence, autonomy, connectivity and performance, particularly for customization of products. You will be able to see the latest major advances here!


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Additive manufacturing & 3D printing

Equipment, peripherals and accessories, know-how and manufacturing will be on the agenda for this new technology which is making very rapid progress, both on the technical level and in terms of its applications and the materials concerned. With more and more suppliers offering complete turnkey solutions: machines, specialized software, staff training, maintenance, etc.


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Finishing & material treatment

Equipment, peripherals and accessories, know-how and manufacturing… The whole offer will be represented.

This field, also increasingly automated in order to meet a triple requirement to be technical (product quality), economical (in materials and in energy) and environmentally friendly, increasingly benefits from simulation systems helping manufacturers to choose the most appropriate solution according to their needs and the required performances.


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Forge & foundry

The whole offer will also be represented here: equipment, peripherals and accessories, know-how and manufacturing.

An opportunity to review the most recent developments in these two sectors transformed by the progress of digitization, process automation and simulation systems which allow product and tool design to be optimized.


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From wood to ceramics, without forgetting technical textiles, glass and composites, the progress is enormous, to the point where these materials are increasingly competing with conventional industrial materials such as metals, plastics or elastomers. They are now even to be found in high-tech sectors such as medical equipment, aviation and the car industry.


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Measurement, control, vision

Equipment, peripherals and accessories, know-how and manufacturing will be represented in this sector which is central to the industry of the future.

Without measurement, detection and parameter control technologies, this industry of the future could not indeed exist. Sensors are key elements in this Factory 4.0 world, a world in a constant state of (r)evolution.


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Plastics, rubber, composites

Once again, you will find the whole offer in terms of equipment, peripherals and accessories, know-how and manufacturing.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, technologies are continuing to improve both in productivity and in quality in this vital sector of industry. Ecological necessities and the rapid expansion of environmental regulations have led to major developments which can be seen at the exhibition, particularly in the area of material recyclability.


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You will find here not only equipment and peripherals and accessories but also integrators.

An essential field for the industry of the future, robotic systems have been advancing very rapidly over the past few years, adapting to all specific industrial applications, all types of companies and all work environments. All of this while cobotics, based on human-robot cooperation, is constantly improving and expanding.


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Services and factory equipment

This sector will bring together the three main pillars of industry which are engineering, maintenance and services.

Here again, digitization has revolutionized working methods and consequently the offer. Remote and predictive maintenance have developed considerably.

It is also estimated that every job in industry leads to at least two jobs in services. R&D, design, design assistance, engineering, technical centers, expertise, inspections, etc. All of this highly specialised know-how supports companies in a         resolutely technological industrial world.


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Smart tech

The very latest technologies will be represented in this sector: Automation tech, Deep tech, Design tech, Digital tech, Production tech and Transformation tech.

Whether we are talking about automation, breakthrough technologies, production, processes, transformation or digital technology, everything involves communication. The latest developments in terms of sensors, process control and monitoring, AI, augmented reality, digital twins, etc. will be there!


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Green tech

A supremely topical theme, as illustrated by the results of the latest elections and the policies outlined in France’s recovery plan, the environment is a central issue for industry and is given a place of honor at Global Industrie. In addition to the various activities based on this theme, a whole sector will thus be dedicated to the main players in waste collection, mobility, energy solutions, air and water treatment and quality, recycling, etc.


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Sheet metal, metal shaping, welding

A complete overview of this sector: equipment, peripherals and accessories, know-how and manufacturing.

These long tried-and-tested and perfected technologies and tools are continuing to improve thanks in particular to the interactive sensors positioned in machines and equipment, as well as to automation, thus making production more precise, economical and flexible. In a word, more efficient.


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Machining & material removal

This sector will bring together the whole offer in terms of equipment, peripherals and accessories, know-how and manufacturing.

Although machine tool specialists were among the pioneers of numeric control, they are constantly advancing to the rhythm of its changes while at the same time turning to more specific innovations. The environment is central to this sector, oil mist treatment, recycling of cutting fluids and machining waste, ultraviolet cleaning of oils and chip compaction in briquette form all constituting recent advances to be discovered.


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Regions & countries

As every year, manufacturers who wish to do so will be able to exhibit under the banner of their region or their country. An opportunity to discover the wealth and know-how of a whole territory!


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