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These technologies are as discrete as they are essential: protection of cars and planes against corrosion, or finishing of parts with shock-resistant paint, would be impossible without the players in this sector, who provide leading-edge environmental solutions via “zero waste” treatments in particular. Equipment (surface treatment lines, paint booths and heat treatment ovens), peripherals, formulators and applicators are present at the exhibition with demonstrations illustrating their expertise.

You will find in this zone exhibitors offering the following solutions:

Finishing and treatment of materials
   - Spray booths / guns
   - Dosing / filtering equipment
   - Surface treatment equipment
   - Ovens, furnaces, heat treatments
   - Marking and engraving machine
   - Know-how
   - Surface treatments (paint, chemicals, etc.)

Press, organizations, institutions
   - Organizations and institutions

Processes, sealing, filtering
   - Process equipment
   - Sealing / filtering

   - Robotic peripherals & integrators
   - Production tech (AGV, cobotics
   - Robotics

Environmental solutions
   - Environmental protection
   - Air and water treatment

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