Watch the new video 2019 "Connected Factory" !



One of the flagship events at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE in March 2018 was a world first: a complete 1,000 m2 manufacturing line shown in action producing a medal from start to finish. This technical achievement literally immersed the visitor in the heart of the industry of the future by demonstrating an array of production automation innovations delivered by solutions, know-how and technologies in fields such as:

  • cobotics
  • augmented reality
  • predictive maintenance
  • the digitization of production
  • as well as customization


This full size, pop-up demonstrator allowed the visitor to become a customer for a day and to follow the creation of an individually personalized medal from its design to final delivery.
Brilliantly coordinated by the ADI engineering practice and supported by trade associations such as ARTEMA, GIMELEC, SYMOP and the UITS, its 80 participating companies provided tangible proof of the real synergy generated by the 4 shows making up GLOBAL INDUSTRIE and between them covered virtually all the sectors of industry to be found across the event.

The final results were impressive: over 8,000 visitors visited the factory and each had taken away their customized, engraved medal.



Following on from this triumph, the Connected Factory will be back in a new, even more impressive form at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE 2019 and for the first time in Lyons

+ connectivity
+ interactive demonstrations
+ immersion in the future experience
+ guided tours
+ show…


NEW IN 2019 !

Guided Tours every days at:

  -  10am, 11'30am and 2pm

... for 45min !

There will also be engineering students who will be in the Factory to inform visitors.


For those of you who would like to take a look back at the sensation of the 2018 show, step right into the Connected Factory by viewing these two videos.