A prestigious and ambitious conference program

With industry in a constant state of (r)evolution, the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE conference program will enable you to stay one step ahead.

An outstanding program that will keep you up to date with the latest developments in industry.

Some of the major themes for 2019 :

This year several of the central themes for the industry of the future will be addressed by insiders through master classes given by captains of industry, as well as strategic and technology discussions and keynotes featuring experts who will share their analyses and offer their feedback.

The subjects to be covered this year include :



  • What policy with regards to the industry of the future?
  • The influence of American policy on European industry
  • The environment at the heart of smart industry, towards a frugal economy 4.0
  • Open innovation: breaking your habits
  • SMEs, organizing an overall industry of the future approach
  • How to construct your digitization project
  • Making your company attractive to fresh talent
  • Possible new business models
  • How to integrate the supply chain into the diversification of your production
  • Dataology: the science of data/measurements
  • Data v. Information
  • Training yourself and others for the industry of the future
  • Reinventing the possible thanks to 3D printing
  • Cybersecurity – protecting systems, a major challenge
  • Simulating the operation of your machines – running the digital twin
  • The new ‘maintenance’
  • The central position of the MES in the industry of the future
  • Don’t be afraid. Artificial intelligence, a challenge for all
  • How to build your factory’s digital architecture
  • Smart machines gaining ground
  • Cobots/fixed robots/mobile robots... How to integrate them?
  • Accelerated high speed machining
  • Active materials, composites…. what’s new?

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“Knowledge itself is power” - Francis Bacon, English philosopher (1561 – 1626)