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Employment, a major challenge for industry


Contrary to what is widely believed, French industry is an abundant source of jobs but, unfortunately, jobs that all too often remain unfilled.

In order to draw attention to this phenomenon and to do its bit to remedy it, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE has developed a CAMPUS that is entirely dedicated to employment, training and what the various industry trades have to offer.

The 1,500 m² that have been devoted to it reflect the wealth of careers, promote the trades and highlight jobs that are available, whilst anticipating the impact of automation and digitization over the coming years.




3 spaces in one venue


  •     JOB AREA:


For qualified young people, job seekers or those seeking to change careers and looking for a job in industry.




If you are a college pupil or a student and you are looking to discover the industrial trades and training courses that suit your education.


  •     SMILE :


If you are a teacher and you want to show your class the full range of industrial trades.


These 3 spaces provide the answers you are looking for

The Job Area


This area is totally dedicated to the search for jobs, internships or work placements and offers you the chance to meet companies looking to hire new employees.

With the help of a recruitment platform accessed via the terminals at the entrance to the Campus or that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet ahead of the show, you can make contact with companies and organizations involved in the Campus as well as companies exhibiting at the various GLOBAL INDUSTRIE shows.

This platform offers a matchmaking system designed to marry up the profiles of jobseekers with the job offers being made by companies across this industry mega event.
You will also be able to take part in job dating sessions organized on stands specially set up for this purpose within the CAMPUS.
Here you will be able to meet companies exhibiting at the 4 shows and major industrial groups who are constantly searching for future employees.

More informally, you will also be able to visit the stands of companies exhibiting in other areas of the event.

Why not try out a new recruitment method: our recruitment workshops.

Further details about these workshops will be coming soon.


In order to guide you as you look for jobs, we are also offering you the chance to take part in 30-minute express coaching sessions on specific topics. They will be staged in partnership with Arts & Métiers Alumni.

You will be able to register shortly.

The themes in 2018 :

  • Are you made to be an entrepreneur ?

  • Take the lead and drive your career more effectively.

  • Students and the newly qualified, get started on the right foot. 

Finally, there will be a poster wall where you can display your CVs as well as check out job offers not posted on the platform. These will be updated over the 4 days of the show.

If you have major recruiment requirements​

Take advantage of our recruitment service in the Job Area.

- You can book a desk by the day or the half day
- Publish your job offers on our recruitment platform.

For further information :


The Training Area


This zone is totally dedicated to colleges and students to allow you to discover industrial trades, know-how, products and solutions through fun demonstrations.

It is very much a hands-on space where you will be able to touch and interact with the equipment on show.

Amongst other possibilities, you will be able to manipulate robotic demonstrators, virtual and augmented reality tools, and equipment for welding, monitoring and measurement, certification and automation….

As well as attending demonstrations presenting the trades that have recruitment requirements.

You will also be able to learn about the trades that are recruiting by going to meet the various organizations that specialize in training and finding employment for young people in industry.

Training centres will also be on hand to guide you in the choices you make for your future.





SMILE is an event that is totally dedicated to school students, particularly young teenagers who have yet to specialize.

This area is focused on helping them to discover the wealth and variety of industrial trades and also to talk to them about tomorrow’s industry.

SMILE consists of a visitor trail offering the chance to discover and try out between 13 and 15 trades presented in real life situations. Each of the trades will be on a stand manned by a relevant professional and a young technical school student currently being trained for it.

To make things even more interesting, every young visitor will follow the production of an object as it moves along this trail, and will then take it away at the end.




Other Campus initiatives

The Amphi




The Amphi is a place for discussions and exchanges between professionals and visitors.

It will feature entrepreneurs, influencers, start-ups, company bosses, young people… who will share their experiences with you in 15-minute presentations followed by question and answer sessions.


The full programme will be available shortly.



Generation Smart

GENERATION SMART is a competition open to young people on industrial BTS, DUT GEII, GMP, GIM courses…, pursuing professional qualifications and at engineering colleges in fields linked to the technologies required by the industry of tomorrow.
It will allow them to discover the new technologies they will encounter in their future careers.  

It has several goals :

  • The show is a place for meetings and discussions and so it will allow young people who are still training (Bac +2, Bac +3, Bac +5, engineers…) to meet people from industry who are ready to share their experiences.
  • The show is a concrete example of the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach in industry and so it will provide young people from different training courses with an opportunity to meet in pursuit of a joint project.
  • The show is a perfect demonstration of new technologies and so it provides students with a taste of the trades and technologies that will be used in the Factory of the Future.

Find out more about GENERATION SMART

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What the press said…
Industry brings back jobs !


The annual study by Trendeo, the analysts, published on Friday 2nd March and posted on the Le Monde website, reported that, “Industry is once again beginning to create a significant number of jobs, with the highest profile example being the hiring that’s taking place in the car plants”, states Mr Cousquer, [founder of Trendeo] (…).
The consequence of all this is that industrial production was been the second largest net creator of jobs, just behind services.
“The recovery is beginning to benefit regions such as the North and the East, which suffered over recent years as a result of the crisis in industry”, adds Mr Cousquer. In fact, Hauts-de-France is the number one French region in terms of net job creation.


This trend may be linked to a phenomenon that is both new and welcome: after having destroyed so many factories, France is finally building them again. In 2017, Trendeo recorded the opening of 125 industrial plants and the closure of 100. A positive balance of 25 factories.
Amongst other positive signals, the analyst reports that major companies have finally joined the job creation movement, whereas, up until now, it has been medium-sized companies and SMEs that have been driving this trend forward.
Finally, Trendeo reports that French start-ups are doing well and represent “a not insignificant source of new jobs (net creation of 11,149 jobs in 2017)”.