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A web and mobile interface to prepare for your visit !

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         HOW DOES IT WORK? 



Find the exhibitors you are interested in by using our various search filters (product nomenclature, country, path, etc.).


logo espace exposant★ Mark them as favourites so that they are saved in your personal list


★ Use our three product filters: the nomenclature, the list of products and the list of machines in operation 






AVAILABLE SOON. Consult our regularly complemented and updated programme of keynote events


logo programme my gi

★ Do your searches with the filter by day/time according to your availability during your visit, or with the theme tags






Get in touch with the participants registered for the event.


logo participants

★ As on social media, update your professional profile (so that your exhibitor suggestions are even better targeted!) and send connection requests to the members of the exhibiting companies you are interested in.







Schedule your meetings with the exhibitors you are interested in as soon as you register. 


logo rendez-vous participants★ Fill in the time slots when you are available, search for the exhibitors who correspond to your needs and contact them directly to make an appointment during the show.







AVAILABLE SOON. Locate the company stands you are interested in and allow yourself to be guided to them.


logo plan my Gi

★ Use geolocation so that the application suggests the quickest route to you.









logo My visite


“Recap” tab for your visit. This contains:


 The complete agenda of your visit, updated with the meetings you have scheduled with exhibitors and the programme sessions your have added to your favourites  


 The contacts with whom you have connected and the messages you have exchanged 

 A list of your appointments and companies added to your favourites.

On desktop login here






★ The exhibitor My GI interface is now available on the website and on your smartphone!


★ It can be used by all the employees on the stand. 


★ It includes a badge and business card reader; you no longer need to order them separately!


★ It allows you to contact registered visitors before the show and organise meetings.


★ It allows you to export your contact history in one click!