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From the 7th to the 10th of March 2023, Global Industrie were once again been France’s biggest showcase for industrial innovation with ever more new developments, solutions and, above all, mobilization. 

While in its previous editions the Global Industrie exhibition has been notable for presenting innovations in order to always highlight and optimize jobs in industry, our priority in 2023 were been to provide concrete answers to the contemporary challenges faced by industrial players. 

This Lyon edition was be a genuine vehicle for the ever more ingenious efforts of manufacturers to combat the crisis which is gripping Europe, and knew how to answer the huge question: how to deal with such a complex international situation whose repercussions directly affect French production chains?


Global Industrie 2023 was the big event for concrete solutions, whether this involves innovations developed by companies, new ideas from abroad or assistance and support schemes offered by the state and local authorities; whether it is a matter of reshoring, job creation, the green transition, regions or attractiveness for young people: all of us are concerned


At a time when everyone is facing growing problems every day, Global Industrie is  committed to supporting manufacturers and offered numerous avenues for industry to emerge stronger. 


What did you see, what could have seen at Global Industrie?

Global Industrie brings together all players in industry in one place. Divided into 15 zones, specializing in fields such as digitalization and automation, electronics, additive manufacturing & 3D printing, measurement, plastics, robotics, energy and sustainable development, to mention only a few, our 2,300 exhibitors can be relied on to be there at this big international gathering!


Big industrial groups such as Siemens from Germany, Dassault from France, Haas from the U.S. and Mitsubishi Materials from Japan were present. 


As regards French regions, Global Industrie will be honored to host not only the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Bourgogne Franche-Comté and Seine-et-Marne and CCI France Internationale (Union of French CCIs abroad) but also the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Pavilion, Aveiro Regional Industrial Association (Portugal) and AIMMAP (Associação Dos Industriais Metalúrgicos Metalomecânicos E Afins De Portugal).


This was the opportunity for you to discover the exhibitors’ latest new developments through the Awards while also getting to meet them. 

2023 Thematic

The industrial sectors are mobilised

The industrial sector responded from the start of the covid crisis, to support the national production effort, just as it responded to the recovery plan presented by the government in the process. Its actors, all sectors combined, have also been invested for many years in favor of innovation, in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


In a context where new crises are added to existing crises, the industry is mobiliSing, which is therefore a reflection of the real and concrete commitment of companies, and the affirmation of the combative and positive that drives them, today more than ever.

Solutions that support transitions


Global Industrie centralizes all solutions, whether technical innovations (techno offer, exhibitor stands, etc.), new trends or ideas (conferences, thematic universes, etc.), innovative practices (partners, associations ...) of support systems (CCI, Bercy, regions, etc.).

The approach is cross-cutting and targets the entire chain of solutions.



Global Industrie does not just catalog the solutions, but offers manufacturers real levers to deploy them, feedback, concrete and personalized information to help with their implementation...

The approach is pragmatic from needs to provide answers.



Global Industrie is anchored in the complex socio-economic reality and assumes the need to provide answers to all the challenges of tomorrow: environmental and ecological transition, recruitment and attractiveness, training and integration, relocation and territories, social and societal responsibility. The approach is global and aims to create synergies, because these challenges are linked to each other, as are the solutions to meet them.
The industry of tomorrow is being shaped here
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