GI AvenirPlanning, undertaking and advancing your career in industry

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HR manager, job seeker or young graduate?
Are you experiencing difficulties in recruiting or finding a job?

Here are the services available to you:

01. The online recruitment platform

It gave you the opportunity to:

› Submit your CV or your job offers, internships and work-study programs
› Apply for numerous jobs or consult candidates profiles and get in touch with them

02. Job dating by GI Avenir

You could: 


- Have a reception desk free of charge for one day during the Global Industrie exhibition

- Meet job applicants in 30-minutes time slots


Job applicant:

- Meet a panel of companies informally over a period of three days

03. Express coaching sessions by Arts & Métiers Alumni

Four sessions was organized:

› Young graduates, get off to the right start!

› Stay ahead and drive your career better!

› Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

› You have what it takes to be a consultant?



01. Discovering jobs through professional associations

The professional associations of each of each Global Industrie sectors had a GI Avenir reception desk directly on their stand or on the GI Avenir stand. 
They welcome you to talk about their profession and the career paths available but also about the associated training. A job wall dedicated to the sector concerned was also be made available to you.


02. Guided tours by GI Avenir

  • For teachers via the CEFPEP form
  • For junior and senior high school students (from schools in the Paris Academy)


Global Industrie was putting the emphasis this year on learning about jobs in industry. 
The best way of doing this was to accompany young people and teachers as they discover the exhibitors at the Global Industrie exhibition.

The aim is to understand, discover, exchange, be inspired and construct your future career plan.

New! Global Industrie was partnering with the GIM and was offering an interactive and animated tour of the trades hub (AFORP), 10 minutes from the exhibition.

In May, three possibilities:

#1 Self-guided tour of the exhibition

#2 School group
Discovery tour of the Hub des métiers, AFORP + Guided tour of the exhibition prepared and supervised by a professional

#3 Guided tours dedicated to teachers from the CEFPEP platform


01. New: the Industry 4.0 Hackathon by CMQ

In partnership with the Aerospace Jobs and Qualifications Campus of the University of Evry, GI Avenir was launching its Hackathon dedicated to Data Science.

The opportunity for candidates (university students, engineering students) to show their skills to optimize the forecasting of product demands, a major industrial issue.
› Two competitions over two days of 5 teams
› A 100% female team, in partnership with Elles Bougent

The subject:

✔ Problem:
A dataset was proposed containing the history of product demand for a manufacturing company with a worldwide activity. The company offers thousands of products in dozens of product categories. There are four central warehouses, each warehouse manages the shipment of products in the region for which it is responsible. Because products are manufactured in different locations around the world, it normally takes more than a month to ship products by sea to the various central warehouses. If monthly forecasts could be made for each product in the different central warehouses, with reasonable accuracy, this would allow the company to better control its supplies, deliveries and inventories, thus minimizing its costs.

✔ Methodology:
In this competition, papAI was used to solve this problem and create the best forecasting system using historical data.

✔ Evaluation:
The historical data set is divided into training and test data sets with proportions of 80% and 20% respectively. Only the ream was given to build the model, then the test set was used to evaluate it. The Mean Absolute Error (MAE) was used to select the best model.

02. The truck of the plastics industry

The truck of the plastics industry was installed in the heart of the exhibition.

On the program:

› Visit of the truck
› Discovery of trades and training
› Discussions with local manufacturers who are recruiting apprentices

03. The Worldskills

The Worldskills were present at the exhibition for training in real conditions in the colors of th French flag.

4 selected trades: 

Mobile robotics :

  • Evaluation of the level of mastery of the robot with the first day assembly and training advice if necessary
  • Simulation of the second and third day of international competition based on the pre-subject (robotics in hospital)


Milling :

- CAD (Computer Aided Design) timed on international level drawings.

- CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) on the same plans.

Tips to gain speed.



-CAD (Computer Aided Design) timed on international level drawings.

  • Design and modification of a product.
  • Reverse engineering (design the model from an existing object)
  • Modeling of parts, products, production of technical documents
  • Simulation, animation of a complex mechanism
  • Additive manufacturing of parts


Robotic integrator:

International Event Exercises:

  • Installation and configuration of tools and payload in a cell (FANUC)
  • Configuration of envelope and DCS and CAD import in Roboguide
  • I/O configuration and program testing without vision
  • Creation, structure and demonstration of the program on ROBOGUIDE
  • Test the vision control program then the complete program with HMI, and measure the cycle times


04. 1 day Live your Industry : a day of immersion in the heart of industry - FIM / LA FABRIQUE DE L'INDUSTRIE / GIM

On Tuesday, May 17, thirty or so students from an eighth-grade class discovered the Hub des métiers (AFORP) for a morning focused on jobs and an afternoon of discussions at the exhibition

05. Elles Bougent

Young girl students, graduates and women looking for a job, an internship or a work-study program came to meet exhibitors on Tuesday, May 17, to learn about their activities and professions