GI 360Virtual discovery of a factory of the future to inspire your investment projects

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Experience current events and the future of industry…. with a 360° view


With GI 360, Global Industrie offers you, in the form of a one-hour program available online every three months, a dynamic watch event immersed in your chosen sector. The various reports will be filmed with a 360° camera, thus immersing you in a unique experience!

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Find now the replay of the first edition,
broadcast live on February 9!

With the program:

A discussion with Alexandre Saubot

President of France Industrie, who will present an economic overview of the sector in France in the specific situation we are going through

A big debate on "Relocation versus Reindustrialisation"

featuring Max Blanchet, Managing Director at Accenture Strategy, Olivier Lluansi, Strategy& partner at PwC, and Guillaume Basset, Director of the “Industry Territories” program

immersion in a small business

which is both dynamic and future-oriented, DECAYEUX STI, in company with its CEO who will guide you around the company’s site and the world of luxury goods, prototyping, die-stamping, bending and cutting… as if you were there!

Each edition is divided into three parts, each adapted to your needs:

1- To help you to anticipate your future investments: a quarterly economic review of French industry

2- To carry out effective technological and economic watch: a major debate bringing together specialists and based on feedback, to obtain a better understanding of the latest technological and economic themes.

3- To plan your production modernization projects, increase your competitiveness and identify your future partners: a tour of a factory with its manager

Schedule of events: