Sorma is an Italian company operating in the distribution of metal cutting tools for the mechanical industry and tools for the cutting and abrasion of stone, glass, ceramics, metal and composite materials. Founded in 1950, Sorma has always targeted innovation as the winning card in marketing the highest quality products together with excellent service standards. This operational approach is the main engine behind the development of a company that currently distributes its products in 66 countries and can count on the support of 100 employees. The company division specialising in tools for the mechanical industry distributes brands recognised in the international market for high quality, technological sophistication and depth of range.

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- Osawa. A selection of integral tools that includes carbide drills and HSS-HSS/Co drills for general and high-performance use; carbide mills for high-speed applications on tempered steel, stainless steel, super-alloys and general use, and mills in HSS and HSS-P; high-quality rotary files in carbide available in a wide selection of shapes and geometries. - Nikko Tools. A complete range of mechanical fastening solutions in advanced materials (PCD and PCBN), ceramic and carbide for turning, milling, threading, drilling and grooving operations. The Nikko range is continually expanding thanks to a specialist development team working in association with the most innovative producers worldwide. - Yamawa. Japanese manufacturer among the world leaders in the production of threading tools. Yamawa can count on four factories in Japan which guarantee a production capacity of over 1.6 million tools per month: Yonezawa, Fukushima, Aizu, Tsutsumi. The company was the first Japanese manufacturer of taps to obtain ISO9001 certification. - Kemmer. German company specialized in the development and production of standard and special systems for grooving and parting off. Since almost 40 years Kemmer Hartmetallwerkzeuge GmbH is guided as a family-owned business and spends a lot of time and care in the development of individual solutions, which are especially designed for our customers.


HF EVOlution is the Osawa family of micrograin carbide endmills for universal application with coatings and cutting edges specifically designed for high performance machining of all ISO materials. The HF EVOlution endmills are available in a broad range of types, lengths and radii. They are the ideal tools for both mass production and small batch manufacturing, thanks to the outstanding performance delivered and the universal applicability. Thanks to the variable helix geometry VH with unequal pitch UP and to the highly sophisticated cutting edge preparation, the HF EVOlution endmills enable the highest level of performances in terms of tool life, volume of chip removed, productivity and surface finishing. 2 families of tools with application-specific geometries. - HF UNI (VH+UP), designed for milling of materials with hardness up to 40 HRC: steel (ISO P), stainless steel (ISO M), cast iron (ISO K) and super alloys (ISO S), such as Inconel or Titanium. The HF UNI range is now extended with the new HF UNI SC “smooth cut” which reduces significantly the cutting forces thanks to the cutting edge geometry, becoming particularly suitable in case of machining with less powerful machines. - HF HARD (UP) for steel (ISO P), stainless steel (ISO M), cast iron (ISO K), super alloys (ISO S), hardened steel (ISO H) milling, with hardness up to 55 HRC.


OSAWA Typhoon High-Performance Carbide Drills High-performance solid carbide drills from the Osawa Typhoon series consist of a high-quality carbide substrate and a cuttingedge coating technology combined with specific geometries for different machining applications and materials. - PU and HPU: new high-performance geometry for universal applications ISO P, M, K, N, S. - TA external coolant and HTA internal coolant: for general purpose. - SUH internal coolant and lapped flutes: for stainless steel. - ALH internal coolant and lapped flutes: for aluminium. - 4HTA 8xD and HL 12xD-15xD-20xD-25xD-30xD: 4 guides chamfer geometry for deep holes. - HRC external coolant for 45÷62 HRC. - Mini drills: with internal coolant, Ø 1÷3 mm, for deep holes 5xD÷30xD.

REKPLUS Nikko Tools

High performance milling system for 90° shouldering applications. Helical profile cutting edge inserts enabling excellent surface finishing (Rz<3 and Ra<0.4). Milling system available with cylindrical shank and coolant holes, screw-in with coolant holes or with arbor mounting and coolant holes. Helical type inserts are available with 2 grades: HSC for low cutting forces on ISO P, ISO M and ISO S applications and HGP for general purpose application on ISO P, ISO M and ISO materials. Straight Type cutting edge inserts are available in three different grades: SC for low cutting forces applications on ISO P and ISOM materials, GP grade for general purpose applications ((ISO P, ISO M, ISO K) and TE grade with reinforced edge for ISO P and ISO K machining. Specific AL geometry with polished surface is available for ISO N applications.

Nikko Drilling

Nikko Tools Drilling Solutions DEX Drill exchangeable tip drills, available in the 3xD and 5XD versions, with diameters from 12mm to 20mm and a general purpose GP cutting geometry. The main field of application for DEX Drills is the drilling of ISO P and ISO K materials, but these drills also achieve excellent levels of performance and reliability on ISO M materials. DRS indexable drilling systems including the 2xD, 3xD, 4XD and 5xD ranges and inserts avialble in 2 grades: GP grade for ISO P, ISOM, ISO K and ISO S machining and AL geometry for ISO N machining; The range presents also 6xD and 9XD pilot drills with available diameters ranging from 18 to 30 mm. Inserts for DRS Pilot Drills are available in GP grade for general machining on ISO P, ISO M and ISO K and AL for ISO N.


Yamawa is a Japanese manufacturer among the world leaders in the production of threading tools Colored rings - Material specific Every application has a specific tap, easily distinguished by the color of the ring on the shank. The series of Colored Rings taps ensure the best performances for each specific application condition: blue ring for stainless steel, including difficult-to-machine materials, such as AISI 316 and DUPLEX; red ring for high resistance and hardened steels; orange ring for nickel alloys with hardness up to 32HRC; pink ring for Titanium alloys, Nickel alloys with hardness above 32HRC; white ring for grey and spheroidal cast iron; green ring for non-ferrous materials. High speed · Fast Series - With a cutting speed of up to 3 times the standard values, this series lowers the cost of tapping, without reducing accuracy. · Ultra Fast Series - The geometry of these internal coolant taps is specifically designed for high speed tapping on rigid and synchronized tapping machines. It is mandatory to use high-precision spindles. Universal use The AU series taps represent the universal solution for steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, and aluminum; suitable for both conventional or rigid tapping. The AU series is the result of a revolutionary manufacturing process, based on the use of high-precision blanks allowing the production of tools with the tightest tolerances. The accuracy and innovative geometry of these taps guarantee a controlled run-out, cutting force reduction and a significant improvement in chip evacuation, even at high speeds. General purpose It is the ideal solution when working on small batches with different materials, but still looking for a reliable tap in all situations. Yamawa general purpose taps allow a reduction of storage and tool replacement costs, without compromising the quality of production. They are available in all commonly used thread standards and in a very wide range of sizes. Thread forming taps More resistant and stable than cutting taps, thread-forming taps eliminate all the problems related to production, removal, and disposal of chips. The geometry of the lobes and crests allows the cutting speed to be increased and to extend tool life at the same time, also thanks to the addition of treatments (OX, NI) or surface coatings. Yamawa range offers different kinds of thread-forming taps that include general purpose taps, taps for specific applications on non-ferrous materials, steel and stainless steel, with and without surface treatments. Dies Yamawa produces its dies using the most modern manufacturing processes, creating tools that are universally recognized for their accuracy and reliability. Yamawa range includes solid dies, spiral point dies, rolling dies, and gas pipe threading dies. Centering tools Yamawa's centering tools are equipped with helical grooves on both ends, to ensure effective chip removal and to reduce the risk of breakage. A reduced length cutting section with rounded ends makes Yamawa centering tools extremely solid. These tools are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Nikko Tools drilling at Industrie Lyon Lyon, 5-8 March 2019 – Sorma, a leading Italian distributor of high-performance cutting tools, will be exhibiting at Industrie in Lyon a wide range of new solid and indexable drilling solutions. The main spotlight at Hall 2, Booth B37 will be on Nikko Tools, with the product family undergoing a significant boost to its range of drilling systems thanks to the addition to the catalogue of exchangeable tip drill solutions and 6xD and 9XD pilot drills within the DRS family. First-ever preview for the new family of DEX Drill exchangeable tip drills, available in this first stage in the 3xD and 5XD versions, with diameters from 12 to 20 mm with general purpose GP cutting geometry for ISO P and ISO K applications and with TE cutting geometry featuring a tough edge design for optimal performances on ISO K mass production applications. The second major novelty for Nikko Tools to be presented in France by Sorma is a line of indexable drilling systems with 6xD and 9XD pilot drills within the DRS family, with available diameters ranging from 18 to 30 mm to complete a line that, just over a year after its launch with the 2xD, 3xD, 4XD and 5xD ranges, has already met with considerable success in Europe. «Since the launch of the first Nikko Tools catalogue in 2006 our aim has been to build a very high-quality range of products, focusing on one segment at a time - comments Giancarlo Galluzzi, General Manager of Sorma – This has enabled us to respond to the needs of our customers in the best possible way by not only developing new products but also providing specific and highly-qualified know-how. After starting out with advanced materials, the introduction of carbide and our turning and milling lines, we’ve focused on creating a complete and diversified drilling range. That’s why today we’re also launching the DRS pilot drill solution and the DEX Drill exchangeable tip drill family. With our decision to expand a catalogue, we are now able to meet all the needs of our customers in the best possible way in terms of applications, diameters and lengths, without ever compromising on reliability and performance» Nikko Tools will also be presenting at Industrie its other more recent product lines featured within the Nikko Tools Update 2018 brochure, including the expansion of its HF4PLUS high-feed milling range and the introduction of its new range of ground turning inserts, both in cermet and in micro-grain carbide. Further information on the Nikko Tools range of products can be found at www.nikkotools.com, where you can also download the Nikko Tools Update 2018 brochure. Sorma will also be exhibiting its Osawa line of tools for solid drills and end mills, paying special attention to universal application tools such as the HPU carbide drills and the HF Family of variable helix and unequal pitch mills. All details on the Osawa range are available on www.osawa.it. To make an appointment at the Exhibition or for more information on the products exhibited at Industrie, please write to info@sorma.net.


Nikko Tools drilling at Industrie Lyon


Le perçage Nikko Tools au Salon Industrie de Lyon

L'entreprise italienne Sorma présentera au Salon Industrie de Lyon un vaste éventail de nouveautés pour le perçage et le fraisage mécanique et général. Le Stand Sorma mettra l'accent essentiellement sur les outils Nikko Tools, marque phare d'un élargissement significatif de la gamme de systèmes de perçage avec l'introduction des solutions à embout DEX Drill et des forets pilotes 6xD et 9XD de la famille DRS. Avant-première exclusive en France pour la nouvelle famille de forets à embout DEX Drill, disponible dans un premier temps dans les versions 3xD et 5XD, diamètres de 12 à 20 et 2 géométries de coupe : GP pour un usage général (general purpose GP) sur des matériaux ISO P et ISO K ; TE avec arête renforcé pour des performances optimales dans les productions en série sur des matériaux ISO K. Autre grande nouveauté Nikko, représentée par Sorma en France : la gamme de systèmes de perçage des forets pilotes 6xD et 9XD de la famille DRS, du diamètre de 18 à 30 mm, qui vient enrichir une série qui, depuis son lancement il y a un peu plus d'un an avec les forets 2xD, 3xD, 4XD et 5xD, a déjà rencontrée un vif succès en Europe. « Depuis l'introduction du premier catalogue Nikko Tools en 2006, notre objectif a été de construire une offre de très haute qualité, en nous concentrant sur un segment à la fois. – commente Giancarlo Galluzzi, Directeur Général de Sorma – Ceci nous a permis de répondre au mieux aux exigences de nos clients, en développant non seulement de nouveaux produits mais aussi un savoir-faire spécifique hautement qualifié. Après avoir débuté avec les matériaux avancés, l'introduction du carbure et des lignes de tournage et de fraisage, nous nous sommes concentrés sur la création d'une gamme complète et articulée pour le perçage. À ce propos nous sommes parvenus à introduire la solution à plaquettes DRS et la famille de forets à embout DEX Drill.» En plus du perçage, Nikko Tools présentera au Salon Industrie les autres lignes de produits récemment insérées dans le document Update 2018. Citons notamment l'extension de la gamme de fraisage à grande avance HF4PLUS et l'introduction de la nouvelle gamme de plaquettes rectifiées pour le tournage, aussi bien en cermet qu'en carbure micrograin. Pour plus d'informations sur la gamme des produits Nikko Tools, consultez le site www.nikkotools.com, d'où vous pouvez télécharger l'Update 2018. Au Salon, Sorma présentera également la ligne Osawa d'outils pour le perçage et le fraisage intégral, avec une attention particulière aux lignes d'outils pour application universelle comme les forets carbure HPU et les fraises à hélice variable et pas décalé HF. Pour plus de détails sur la gamme Osawa, consultez le site www.osawa.it. Pour prendre un rendez-vous au Salon ou obtenir plus d'informations sur les produits présentés à Industrie, vous pouvez écrire à info@sorma.net.

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