We are your partner for challenging, high precision machining assignments — with virtually any imaginable geometries and materials. When it comes to process stability, repeat accuracy, surface finish and thermal management, there is simply no better choice than a KERN! With KERN's CNC machining centers you can finally fulfill your production potential. In line with our motto “Productivity meets precision”, our core focus is automated serial production of complex high precision and micro parts in the μ-range. To fully meet the specific requirements of microtechnology serial production, we rely on innovative product technologies for the continual development and optimization of our machining centers. Take advantage of our technical lead!

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KERN Microtechnik GmbH

KERN Micro

Compact and productive — 24/7 Whether with 3 or 5 axes, KERN Micro is an ultra compact CNC machining center for fully automated production with minimal dimensional variance. It is capable of machining precision workpieces with a maximum height of 220mm and a maximum diameter of 350 mm. Minimal waste with high process stability KERN Micro is designed for maximum repeat accuracy and high Cpk values in unmanned production. Due to minimal waste and high process stability, much longer sampling intervals can be used during quality control, greatly reducing production costs.

KERN Micro Pro

KERN Pyramid Nano

Hydrostatic milling and grinding Whether with 3 or 5 axes mounted on and driven by hydrostatic bearings, KERN Pyramid Nano is one of the most precise CNC machining centers in the world. By focusing on reliability in serial operation, this machine achieves ultra-precision manufacturing of industrial workloads. Maximum precision and stability over long time-frames. Thanks to its hydrostatic drives and guides, the machine suffers virtually no wear in its linear axes. This means the quality and precision of all axes remain constant over extremely long time-frames. In conjunction with KERN's proprietary thermal management system, you have a perfectly optimized tool at any time.


Every KERN Evo contains many years of consistent development to ensure ultra-high precision in CNC milling at high and medium volumes. With its proprietary X-Y cross table, KERN Evo delivers maximum precision in a small installation space. The design allows maximum smoothness and excellent surface finish (Ra < 1 μm) even at high speeds and acceleration values. Short distances between components and drives ensure minimal angle errors, while ultra-high resolution direct measuring systems guarantee maximum repeat accuracy in a working space of 300 x 300mm. KERN Evo can be optionally equipped with a 4th and 5th axis without compromising the stability and high precision of the basic machine. With high quality components in all peripheral modules and easy automation, KERN Evo is widely used for unmanned 3-shift production in all industries that demand maximum precision on the workpiece.

Benchmark Parts

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The new KERN Micro Pro: The slimline solution for precise series production


KERN Microtechnik extends its machine line up Renowned manufacturer of high-precision machine tools, KERN Microtechnik GmbH, based in Eschenlohe, Germany, has developed the KERN Micro PRO, a machining center that is up to 20 percent cheaper than the legendary KERN Micro. The company plans to target new markets with this machine, which combines an especially compact design with easy maintenance. The machining centers of the KERN Micro series are in high demand wherever the highest possible accuracy on the workpiece is demanded. In addition to achieving reliable values and maximum precision on the workpiece, they also require almost no warm-up phase and can withstand adverse ambient conditions. This is made possible by a complex temperature management system that keeps all components in the machining area at an optimum temperature. But what about manufacturing companies that, for example, can precisely control the climate in their production halls, consider a precision of 20 μm to be generally sufficient, or can accept run-in parts at the start of series production? Many of our existing customers have approached our KERN customer advisors with precisely these queries, as Simon Eickholt, Sales Manager at KERN, reports: “We realize our machines aren't the cheapest, however our customers routinely tell us that their KERN machines are the most productive and profitable systems in their production hall. However, because maximum precision isn’t always required and some of our customers use our machines in well-controlled conditions, we’ve responded accordingly. With the KERN Micro PRO, we now offer a machining center that’s designed to meet these requirements — and is also extremely compact and available at a very attractive price.” “All inclusive” with a footprint of just four square meters What our Sales Manager actually means by “compact” is best understood by taking a look at the numbers: Equipped with an integrated workpiece and tool changer, the PRO requires less than four square meters of floor space — a significant benefit for users who are nearing the limits of their valuable production areas as a result of regular expansion. Furthermore, the entry-level model weighs only 5.2 metric tons, making it a good twenty percent lighter than the classic KERN Micro — an important plus in terms of floor load and delivery logistics. These impressive numbers were achieved using a newly developed, thermo-symmetrically cast Unicore machine stand made from UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete). Its integrated design minimizes the number of mechanical interfaces. Equally important is the so-called “one-box design”, which means that all units are already included in the machine. In addition, the PRO includes two integrated changers: one for 209 tools and another for up to 30 workpieces. Unmanned multi-shift operation is therefore possible without external attachments. For series manufacturers, these features are equally as valuable as the KERN Micro PRO’s standardized interface, which enables quick and easy connection of additional, automated material handling solutions. The new Micro PRO also avoids compromises when it comes to precision. According to Bernhard Uhr, Deputy Head of Development at KERN Microtechnik, the decisive factor here is the intelligent and fully integrated arrangement of the fourth and fifth axes. This ensures that an especially high degree of precision can be achieved while at the same time optimally utilizing the workspace. Maintenance status at a glance For Bernhard Uhr, an additional highlight is the new machine’s clear and convenient maintenance unit: “We’ve attached the entire service unit to the side and made it freely accessible so that the machine operator can see at a glance whether maintenance work is due, or will be soon. For example, if the lubricating fluid needs refilling, this can be done without stopping the Micro PRO. “In this way, too, KERN maximizes the cutting times, which is particularly important in series production. Furthermore, manufacturing companies can either use the Micro PRO as a stand-alone machine or integrate it into a high-precision production line. Accordingly, it can be used in many different sectors — from medical technology and electrode production to the watch and jewelry industry. Thanks to its fully integrated structure, the workspace is optimally sealed to ensure that even fine chips and dust cannot escape to the outside — a benefit which, according to Simon Eickholt, should appeal to users in the field of graphite processing: “I can imagine installing the PRO together with die sinking machines to create a highly productive line.” The KERN Micro PRO therefore has many potential application areas. But how was the lower price point actually achieved? Project Manager Bernhard Uhr explains: “One key difference to the more expensive machining centers in the KERN Micro series is the somewhat less complex, centralized temperature management.” In the PRO, not every axle is cooled separately and, in addition, there is only one instead of three cooling circuits. It is therefore not possible to completely or immediately compensate for strong, climatic temperature fluctuations. “However, users for whom this is an important factor should opt for the more versatile KERN Micro,” adds Simon Eickholt.



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