Ecological transition

A 2020 edition under the banner of the energy transition and sustainable industry

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In a rapidly changing world, industry professionals more than ever have an essential role to play


Shaping tomorrow’s industry also means reflecting on its impact on the planet and the daily lives of millions of individuals. This is the significance of Global Industrie 2020 which will give pride of place to all initiatives and innovations geared towards a sustainable future. Through the know-how and concrete actions of the industrial community, let’s take up together the challenge of the ecological and energy transition!


Conscious of what is at stake, companies are getting organised and are increasingly joining forces to anticipate fundamental changes. The current upheavals are immense, but they also represent a tremendous opportunity. Whatever the specialist fields or professions, industry can become a model: THE benchmark sector, capable of being a trailblazer and changing its practices to build a greener future.


What other topic could justify the fact that, in 2020, Global Industrie is for the first time adopting a featured theme?



Five highlights which will illustrate this theme at the show are listed below:



The aim of this special prize is to reward the companies (with a visitor profile) which have conducted a noteworthy action as part of an “ecological transition” in 2019: electrification/hybridisation, circular economy, energy efficiency, etc.


Conducted by les Arts et Métiers-Institut de Chambéry, a study is currently being carried out among Global Industrie exhibitors and in the sector in general. The aim is threefold!


  1. To be able to measure exhibitors’ involvement in three aspects of sustainable development: environmental, social and economic

  2. To highlight the main R&D themes addressed in the industry sector by companies and research organisations 

  3. To identify the policies for:

    1. sustainable development of large industrial federations

    2. labelling of hubs and clusters with expertise in companies’ areas of activity


The results of the study will be published in January.​


During the show, allow yourself to be guided by an “Eco-industry” trail which will stop at the stands of a selection of exhibitors who have an ecological and energy policy. 


The trail is available at the show via a flyer or the mobile application.

4. CONFERENCE on "The ecological and energy transition at the heart of the industry of the future"

Although we tend in most cases to associate Industry 4.0 with digitalisation, we are a little too quick to forget that the industry of the future will be nothing if not ecological… The circular economy, energy efficiency and mobility are all challenges for tomorrow to be taken up today! 


A large round table will feature several companies who have already made this shift, who will tell you why… and above all how!


Note: a technological keynote address, given by Cetim, will also be on the theme of “The challenge of the energy and environmental transition and opportunities for visitor SMEs".


The objective of the GL events group is both simple and ambitious: to better integrate sustainable development concerns in all of its professions in order to anticipate regulatory and societal changes, meet the requirements of the market and reinforce its position as a leading player in the events sector. 


Global Industrie is participating in this initiative by attempting as far as possible to find ecological alternatives for the media and materials used for the setting up and advertising of the event.