The first annual meeting of the Comité Exécutif of the CNI (Conseil National de l'Industrie), chaired by Bruno Le Maire, has been held at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE on 5th March 2019 at Eurexpo, Lyon.

“As the show case for industry in France, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE helps to promote the country’s rich and varied industrial strengths”, declared the CNI in its press release of 22.11.2018. 

The role of the CNI is to keep the public authorities informed about the industrial situation in France by submitting recommendations to the government for improving the competitiveness of French industry, strengthening its various sectors and promoting employment and the associated skills. It therefore makes perfect sense to hold the next meeting of its Comité Exécutif at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE

Besides the relevant ministers, the Comité Exécutif comprises a representative of Régions de France, the Director General of Bpifrance, five representatives of manufacturing companies, five employee representatives and two expert individuals.  


A task force to catalyse the growth of industrial territories


On 20th September, the government, following discussions with the French Regions and the assembly of French local authorities, set up a multi-disciplinary task force of parliamentarians, elected representatives, figures from the world of industry and experts, and entrusted it with the task of defining the requirements for a new support mechanism for industrialized territories.  

The Regions and clusters of local authorities, who are key players in the economic development of their territories, are closely involved in this project.
The task force is working in conjunction with local industrial ecosystems (companies, elected representatives, public services, operators…) in order to identify the territories where support should be directed and the brakes that need to be removed in order to boost their industrial development.
124 « Territoires d’industrie »​ have been identified in proposals made by the task force and these will go to the regional councils working with other local and industrial bodies for confirmation and state support. 

In combination with this local direction, the government is undertaking to work with those involved to put in place a basket of services that they can turn to in order to develop or boost their local projects.