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Once upon a time... the industry

24 September 1888: the fabulous odyssey of the Gymnote

This week, we tell you the story of the first operational electrically-powered missile-launching submarine, launched on this date. A major world first for which France can claim credit – jointly with Spain which launched a comparable vessel at the same time.   1 - A STORY OF MEN Behind the Gymnote was a man, Admiral Théophile Aube, leader of the “Young School”. This iconic current of French naval thinking at the end of the 19th century was based on a break with

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Once upon a time... the industry

29 August 1885: Gottlieb Daimler patents the first motorcycle

This week, we tell you about the origins of a means of transport which was as revolutionary as its inventor.   THE MONTAIGNE AND LA BOÉTIE OF THE MOTOR INDUSTRY When Gottlieb Daimler was born on the 17th of March 1834 in Schorndorf, 20 miles from Stuttgart, if his pastry chef father had been told he was going to become a legend of industry, the new “sugar daddy” would have had eyes as wide as saucers. However, contrary to the cookie cutter cliché that children