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Once upon a time... the industry

19 October 1897: George Pullman and the train of history

This week, we profile an American industrialist whose name went down in history for the best of reasons… but also for the worst.   THOSE WHO LOVE HIM CAN TAKE THE TRAIN… The destiny of George Pullman, who was born on the 3rd of March 1831 in New York State, quickly became clear. His father, a mechanical engineer, found a job working on the widening of the Erie Canal. His mission was to move houses and reinstall them on better and more permanent foundations. Thus made aware

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Once upon a time... the industry

5 October 1914: the French pilots Frantz and Quenault win the first aerial dogfight in history

This week, we look back to the first military exploit of a then very recent industrial invention used in an armed conflict, and not just any conflict because we are talking about World War I.   A NEW MODE OF COMBAT When the war began in the summer of 1914, aviation was still in its infancy, the Wright Brothers’ first flight having taken place only in 1903. Nevertheless, immediately realising its military importance, France equipped itself with aircraft for reconnaissance purposes